Healthy Program That Works

Neill Daniel Plan provides healthy living classes to locals in Virginia. We offer programs, books, and kits that will help them in losing weight.



Price List

First Session of 8 Classes 1 1/2 hours

$40.00 for kit for classes - FREE after first session for life to any of our 14 locations

"FREE" YMCA Passes for Non Members of the Peninsula Metro YMCA's during Classes. There is a limit of 15 students per location.

Why Partner with the Neill Daniel

  • 01. Tried & Proven Support System for Students and Facilitators.
  • 02. “FREE” YMCA 8 weeks for non-members. (One time Only)
  • 03. Wave $100 joining fee if join a local YMCA before the end of the seven weeks.
  • 04. Up dated handouts.
  • 05. Multiple locations for classes with different days and times.
  • 06. Bottom line cost for classes and materials.
  • 07. “Retake” classes FREE for life.
  • 08. Web page ( to sign up students and pay through pay pal.
  • 09. Multiple trained facilitators.
  • 10. Updates on Power Points.
  • 11. Workshops on How & Why we present the Daniel Plan.
  • 12. State Ambassador for the Daniel Plan.
  • 13. Hampton Roads Neill Daniel Plan Support for Facebook.
  • 14. Special “Bonus” classes like “FOOD – Surviving the Holidays.
  • 15. Cooking Classes.
  • 16. Personal Chef Classes for those who want to learn more about how to prepare meals for your family.
  • 17. Help in development of Community Education & Recruitment concerning pre-diabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and many other chronic problems from processed food.
  • 18. “Things Happen” so we provide several locations doing the same lessons for make-up.
  • 19. All books, handouts, kits are given out at first class.
  • 20. Training for Facilitators with advancements.
  • 21. Survey at the end of each session for students to indicate that they would be interested in Facilitating with suggestions on how to improve the classes.
  • 22. Access to cookbooks, t-shirts, reading DVD and other helps to learn how to “fight for our ‘TEMPLE’ so that we can SERVE GOD BETTER”.

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